Occupation : Comedian
Age :45
Goal : "To be cloned... so that if I wanted to commit suicide, I have options."
Tyrone Goldberg
Occupation : Comedian
Age :52
Goal : "To figure out where to park at the fire hydrant factory."
Lay Jeno
Occupation : Comedian
Age :58
Goal : "To help John McCain capture the independent voter ..... or one who can make it to the toilet without help."
Hitch Medberg
Occupation : Comedian
Age :37
Goal : "To set up some 'hard to reach plants'.... So far I have been unsuccessful."
G. Dubbya
Age :61
Occupation : Comedian ( spelled with one i )
Goal :"There's an old saying in Tennessee I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee that says, .......fool me once, shame on shame on you. Fool can't get fooled again."
Age : 30
Occupation : Comedian
Goal : "To dunk a basketball .......... or a doughnut..... whichever comes first."
Nuck Chorris
Age : 155
Occupation : Comedian / Law Enforcement
Goal : "To rid the world of watches ........ I DECIDE WHAT TIME IT IS !!!"
Rim Jome
Age : 43
Occupation : Comedian
Goal : "I want another shot at 'Chris Everett'. .....I've been working out."
Age : 25
Occupation : Comedian
Goal : "To get  Maury Povich to admit that he's ..'my baby daddy."
Lil' Rupert
Age : 1
Occupation : Comedian
Goal : " To get Maury Povich to admit that ..... ...... need I go on?"
The Uncanny Clown
Age : 59 1/2
Occupation : Comedian
Goal : " To get Maury Povich to admit  that ...... ...... do I need to go on ?"
Age : 27
Occupation : Comedian
Goal : " To figure out why Samuel L. Jackson is in every movie and why Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry always play fat grandmothers."
Age : 34
Occupation : Comedian
Goal : ................( Joy is presently listening to an Obama speech. As soon as she recovers, she will be available for comment. )
Johnny B.
Age : 20
Occupation : Comedian
Goal :  "To take the WNBA more seriously. ......Either that or get a job at Churchill Downs."
Age : 47
Occupation : Comedian
Goal : "Today I finally attained my goal. ........ Check tomorrow's paper for a Post Office closing near you."
Age : 22
Occupation : Comedian
Goal : "To be the one brother on the Star Trek landing party not to return to the ship in a body bag ."
The Uncanny Dog
Age : 14
Occupation : Comedian
Goal : " Ruff..ruff...ruff....ruff... ruff..ruff.....ruff. ...
Translation : "Help ! My master and his third wife are stuck in the cellar. Please follow me to the scene and bring the 3/16 allen wrench and an impact drill along with you !!"
Age : 27
Occupation : Comedian
Goal : "To assist Mel with his options !"
**NEW**  Diary of The Uncanny Comic ** BLOG**
Age : 59 1/2
Occupation : Comedian
Goal : "To cure
Alzheimer’s .......... and then I will cure Alzheimer's ...and then......"